Discrimination. Sexism. Intimidation.

That’s what went on at Richard Cordray’s
government agency in Washington.

Worker alleges CFPB 'trail of victims’

An employee at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Wednesday charged that there is a widespread culture of discrimination and retaliation at the agency, alleging parts of the bureau are plagued by racial tensions and managers that bully subordinates.

Angela Martin, a lawyer in CFPB’s enforcement division, told a House Financial Services Subcommittee there are a “trail of victims” at the agency who are afraid to speak out publicly.

“Unfortunately, there is a pervasive culture of retaliation and intimidation," Martin said, "that silences employees and chills the workforce from exposing wrongdoing."

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Richard Cordray's federal agency accused of ongoing discrimination and retaliation

Richard Cordray's consumer affairs agency is facing intense criticism that it has a culture of sexism and racism, regularly discriminating against women and minority employees.

Misty Raucci, a former investigator for an outside firm, was hired by Cordray's agency to look into Martin's complaint. She said she found a general environment in the agency's 160-member consumer response office of "exclusion, retaliation, discrimination, nepotism, demoralization, devaluation and other offensive working conditions."

Raucci told the oversight and investigations subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee today that this has created "a toxic workplace" for many employees.

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CFPB whistleblower testifies about widespread discrimination at consumer agency

Rare bipartisanship blossomed at a House Financial Services subcommittee hearing surrounding allegations that a pattern of racial and gender discrimination exists at the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Joining the hearing was Misty Raucci, the investigator hired by CFPB to originally investigate Angela Martin’s claims. Raucci agreed with the whistleblower’s assessment, saying there was a “toxic workplace” environment.

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Following the 2014 congressional hearings and additional allegations of discrimination and retaliation, the U.S. Government Accountability Office was asked to review the organizational culture at CFPB...

According to their 2016 survey, 25 percent of black, Asian, and female employees of the CFPB claimed that “they had been discriminated against at the CFPB."

GAO Survey

The following are links to some of the testimonies from Congressional hearings on the matters of discrimination and retaliation at the CFPB:

Mr. Robert Cauldwell

President, National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 335, and Examiner, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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Ms. Florine Williams

Senior Equal Employment Specialist, Office of Civil Rights, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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Ms. Angela Martin

Senior Enforcement Attorney, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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Ms. Misty Raucci

Former Investigator, Defense Investigators Group
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